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• Assisted Yoga Therapy
For me yoga has always been therapeutic, meditative and healing. In an assisted yoga session I utilize over 12 years of yoga experience in bringing you relaxation, rejuvenation and peace. By surrendering and allowing me to gently stretch and support your body you are able to open up to discover a more serene exploration of your inner self. Assisted Yoga can help alleviate physical stress while illustrating and calling forth what your body needs. I will use a table, props, music, chairs and will guide you through meditation. Please wear comfortable clothes. No perfume. Come with an idea of what you would like to work on but be open to the possibilities of what may arise. These sessions are revitalizing and refreshing. I almost always combine Inner Light Healing with Assisted Yoga. Assisted Yoga Therapy allows for physical/mental well-being.

• Inner Light Healing
I am an Inner Light Practitioner. I offer these energetic healing sessions as a means for you to transform lower vibrations to higher vibrations and to tap in to your own Inner Light - the energy in the heart center that holds the power to love and to heal. I will use sound, meditation, music, guided visualization, Chakra clearing (cleansing) and energetic touch to create a sacred space for healing. In this space you may feel and experience peace, joy, sadness, insight, connection to your higher self. Each session allows for deep healing and deep peace. Please wear comfortable clothes.

You can book an appointment for Assisted Yoga or Inner Light Healing - or a combination of the two offerings. Appointments are $55. I look forward to creating sacred space for healing. Namaste ~ Jodi

“I had an extended session of Inner Light energy work and Assisted Yoga with Jodi. It was truly remarkable. Jodi’s hands were on fire with healing energy as she moved through my chakras. Her voice is extremely soothing during the meditation, and she has the amazing ability to tune right into her clients’ needs. I did not want it to end! I was in such a blissful state that it took several minutes to reorient myself to the present moment. I would highly recommend this as it has brought me great self-insight. I can’t wait to go back!” ~ Kate H.